ETCC 2024
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AKZONOBEL VAN LINDEN ANDRE R&D Director Plenary / Opening Collaboration is the quickest way to sustainable coatings Netherlands
ALLNEX BOSMA MARTIN Dr Advances in processing & production The upsides and challenges of overspray-free paint application Netherlands
BASF SE SAUER CHRISTOPHER Dr Advances in processing & production Biocide-free concepts for in-can and film preservation Germany
CENTRALE LILLE INSTITUT UCCS PIERLOT CHRISTEL Dr Advances in processing & production (plenary) Emulsion inversion process of biobased alkyd resin monitored in situ by torque and light backscattering France
COVESTRO BONGAERTS JAN R&D scientist Advances in processing & production One shot matte powder coatings Netherlands
COVESTRO VAN CASTEREN ILSE Dr Advances in processing & production Excimer matting controlling the gloss of aqueous coating compositions Netherlands
COVESTRO SCHEERDER JURGEN Dr Advances in processing & production Waterborne barrier technology for paper & board Netherlands
DENMARK TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY AGGEZ OKAN Ph.D. Advances in processing & production Process principles and formulation of redispersible powder coatings Denmark
FRAUNHOFER IPA CUDAZZO MARKUS Group Manager Advances in processing & production Innovative powder airbrush technique opens new markets for solvent-free powder coating Germany
NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY UZOH CHIGOZIE Pr Advances in processing & production Appraisal of mathematical modeling of alkyd resin polycondensation reactor Nigeria
ORONTEC GmbH & Co. KG STALMACH ULF Dr Advances in processing & production Digitalization and the paint industry - Why do we need a smart paint factory alliance? Germany
TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK LIN SHUJIE Dr Advances in processing & production Fouling behavior of aged fouling release coating in underwater cleaning Denmark
EVONIK OPERATIONS STRUCK SUSANNE Head of INKS EMEA & Global Projects Advances in processing & production Controlling the surface properties of LED and standard UV-curing coatings and inks Germany
ECOAT RHAZALI SOPHIA Advances in processing & production How biobased binders can leverage your decarbonization strategy? France
BASF SE PAULUS WOLFGANG Dr Advances in Sciences of Paints, Adhesives, Printing Inks and Related Products 1K crosslinking system for blends of polyurethane / polyacrylic dispersions Germany
EVONIK OPERATIONS GmbH REINARTZ ROGER Head of Applied Research Advances in Sciences Alternatives to fluoro-based additives in coatings and inks Germany
FRAUNHOFER IPA WANNER MATTHIAS Dr Advances in Sciences Properties of keratin particles as a functional filler Germany
FRAUNHOFER IPA BAUDER CHRISTINA Dr Advances in Sciences Visible light active photocatalytic coatings for health care Germany
GAMMA TECH TALBOTIER GILLES CEO Advances in Sciences Opacifying silica microspheres for replacing titanium dioxide in paints France
INSTITUTE FOR COLOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY RAFIEI HASHJIN RANA Dr Advances in Sciences How cerium oxide affects weathering resistance of a superhydrophobic coating Iran
JOTUN REIAN GARD Advances in Sciences Development of a chemical-resistant coating: A comparative study Norway
KRONOS WILKENHOENER UWE Dr Advances in Sciences Titanium Dioxide – a regulatory and innovational update Germany
KU LEUVEN MOSTOFI SARKARI NAVID Young scientist (ATIPIC) Advances in Sciences Eco-friendly plasma polymerized PFAS-free icephobic coatings Belgium
KYOEISHA CHEMICAL CO. LTD MORIWAKI YUYA Dr Advances in Sciences Environmentally friendly low temperature cross-linking system Japan
MOMENTIVE CHERNYSHOV DMITRY Dr Advances in Sciences Silylated polyurethane resin systems - new technology for PFAS free protective coating solutions Germany
NIEDERRHEIN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES WANG QUNYING Dr Advances in Sciences Bio-based type I photoinitiator: Carbon dots with oxygen tolerance Germany
TEXAS UNIVERSITY GRUNLAN JAIME C Pr Advances in Sciences (plenary) Heat shielding and flame retardancy from polyelectrolyte-based nanocomposite coatings USA
UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM TOLBOOM JENS Young Scientist (NVVT) Advances in Sciences Light triggered curing of pigmented alkyd paints using iron condensed arene complexes - The riskiest way to make paint Netherlands
UNIVERSITY OF PARDUBICE MACHOTOVA JANA Dr Advances in Sciences Improvement of water resistance of latex coatings by various approaches Czech Republic
VINAVIL MALAVOLTI MARINO Dr Advances in Sciences Towards outperforming and more sustainable vinylic polymers Italy
WACKER CHEMIE AG ANDERS UDO Dr Advances in Sciences Modified alpha-silane-terminated polyether – A new hybrid binder for innovative surface protection Germany
ZURICH UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES FAN XIN Young Scientist (SVLFC) Advances in Sciences Covalently bound and environmentally friendly coatings for skis Switzerland
UNIVERSITY OF UDINE TUBARO ERICA Young Scientist (AITIVA) Advances in Sciences Evaluation of corrosion protection and antifouling efficiency of fouling release coatings on copper alloys Italy
UKRAINIAN STATE UNIVERSITY OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY SUVOROVA YULIIA Young Scientist (Ukraine) Advances in Sciences Oleochemicals - Derivatives of fatty acid amides in alkyd-urethane coatings Ukraine
CH-POLYMERS OY LUNDSTEN GUN Dr Biobased solutions Purely bio-based and sustainable binders – a Big challenge or a nice opportunity Finland
COVESTRO DEUTSCHLAND AG EGGERT CHRISTOPH Dr Biobased solutions Pentamethylene diisocyanate: a building block for sustainable PU coatings and adhesives Germany
DYNEA AS DOS SANTOS CAMILA HELENA Development Chemist Biobased solutions Bio-based additives, sustainable solutions for coil coating Norway
ITECH BEGUE DELPHINE Pr Biobased solutions Bio-based coatings applied to innovative mycelium materials for the fashion and automotive industry France
LAWTER EUROPE BV ZILLI DARIO Dr Biobased solutions Pine derivatives. Pioneering solution for a sustainable packaging industry Belgium
NIEDERRHEIN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES STREHMEL BERND Pr Biobased solutions Functionalized sustainable carbon materials and lignin derivatives for radical photopolymerization in coating sciences Germany
STATE UNIVERSITY OF TRADE AND ECONOMICS KARAVAYEV TARAS Pr Biobased solutions Using biopolymers in green paints and coatings development Ukraine
UNIVERSITY OF PARDUBICE KOLAR MARTIN Student Biobased solutions Utilization of vegetable oils in the synthesis of latex coating binders Czech Republic
COVATIONBIO PDO VAN WAES PATRICK Global Marketing Director Biobased solutions Renewable dent corn as building block monomer and bio-solvent USA
ALVAN PAINT AND RESIN MANUFACTURER & CO GHORBANI FATEME R&D Senior Expert Building materials Thermal insulation paint formulation and its energy saving properties Iran
CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY FERNANDO RAYMOND Pr Building materials Solar reflectivity of exterior architectural coatings USA
CENTRALE LILLE INSTITUT UCCS BASSETTI JORDAN Young scientist (AFTPVA) Building materials Impregnation of oil on surfactant-clay particles: Solid/liquid interaction in geopolymers France
CENTRALE LILLE INSTITUT UCCS BOLAND YANN Ph.D. Student Building materials Incorporation of embedded materials for thermal regulation of buildings France
DOW TURGUT HATICE Dr Building materials Silicone additives that enhance coating durability in ETICS USA
EVONIK COATING ADDITIVES PETERS OLIVER Head of Applied Research Building materials Protect your exterior façade coatings with quick set technologies - Improvement Germany
FIRST GRAPHENE MARTIN IAN Dr Building materials Shocking: Graphene enhances conductivity! Great Britain
IMERYS ESTEVA HUGO Scientist Building materials Unlocking the potential of minerals to enhance the UV durability of exterior facade paints France
SYNTHOMER BAUDE CHRISTOPHE Technical Manager Building materials How do intumescent coatings work to save lives ? France
SYNTHOMER SECHER MAURILLE Technical Manager Coatings Building materials Latest innovation in the Low-Exudation-Binder (LEB) technology for masonry coatings France
UNIVERSITE OF TOULON NANCEY PIERRE-MARIE Pr Building materials Effect of curing conditions and polymer-cement ratio on the properties of latex-modified cement coatings France
ALLNEX TIELEMANS MICHEL Dr Carbon foot print Mass balance boosts sustainability of energy-curable PU dispersions Belgium
ARKEMA DELMAS GREGORY Development & Innovation Leader Carbon foot print Waterborne alkyd emulsion, a solution to decarbonize wall, wood and metal decorative paints France
EVONIK OPERATIONS GmbH SLOOT TIM FREDERIC Head of Sustainability Carbon foot print Advantages and issues of state-of-the-art methods to substitute fossil raw materials in coating and inks with renewable alternatives Germany
FORVIA FAURECIA FIORANI THOMAS Painting Engineer and Expert Carbon foot print Carbon neutrality: improvements and expectations of a paint applicator France
NIEDERRHEIN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES RUBBERT LEA VIKTORIA Carbon foot print Biobased tailor-made copolymers as performance additives in coatings industry Germany
COLOUR-SPACE-CULTURE NOURY LARISSA Dr Colour and dyes (plenary) Colours and cities France
FP-PIGMENTS WHITE ANDY Business Unit Director Colour and dyes Using composite TiO2 pigments to reduce the use of coloured pigments hence reducing cost and carbon footprint Finland
NIEDERRHEIN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES STREHMEL VERONIKA Pr Colour & dyes Influence of modified oxidic pigments on photopolymerization of epoxidized plant oil Germany
PIGM'AZUR VOLLE NICOLAS Dr Colour and dyes Improved dispersion and stability of natural hybrids pigments France
CARBON WATERS BOTTEIN THOMAS Dr Corrosion Protection Stable graphene dispersions: multi-properties anticorrosion additives France
FORD OTOSAN MUTLU MIRAC Mechanical Engineer Corrosion Protection Corrosion behavior of electrocoated 6082-T6 & S500 dissimilar joints Turkey
INSTITUTE FOR COLOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MARDANI SHIBA Student Corrosion Protection Eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors from fruit waste: A study on N-Doped carbon dots derived from pistachio shells for protecting carbon steel Iran
IPF DRESDEN GEDAN-SMOLKA MICHAELA Dr Corrosion Protection Project CoFoMag Part II: Flexible self-lubricating powder coatings Germany
TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK CHAUDHARI TUSHAR Ph.D. Student Corrosion Protection Corrosion inhibiting coatings: Lignin phosphate as a bio-based alternative to zinc phosphate Norway
TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK RAJAGOPALAN NARAYANAN Dr Corrosion Protection Is fractionation essential for lignin's role in anticorrosive coatings Denmark
UNIVERSIDAD CARLOS III DE MADRID CALDERON PEREA NATALY ELIZABETH Ph.D. Student Corrosion Protection Hybrid coatings with hydrotalcites: a study on mechanical properties Spain
UNIVERSITY OF PARDUBICE RAYCHA YASH Ph.D. Student Corrosion Protection Anticorrosion efficiency of zinc-filled epoxy ester coatings containing conducting polymer PANI-PTSA Czech Republic
LUKASIEWICZ - WARSAW INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SERAFIN DARIA Dr Corrosion Protection Project CoFoMag Part I: Magnesium surface pretreatment system Poland
ARKEMA BASSET MAUD Business development Manager Formulation High performances coating additives in different market applications : focus on Orgasol® & Rilsan® polyamides powders France
ARKEMA TRANG YOHANN Global Business Manager Formulation How to enhance paint properties with our latest innovations on polyurethane thickeners France
COVESTRO DEUTSCHLAND SUETTERLIN JAN Dr Formulation Digital approach to formulation design using Monte Carlo simulation Germany
DYNEA AS LEVCHENKO VLADIMIR Dr Formulation Polysiloxane wetting and defoaming additives for water-borne coatings Norway
FIPEC SAUVAN NANCY Product Regulatory Affairs Manager Formulation Challenges for formulators in complying with product regulations France
FP-PIGMENTS WHITE ANDY Business Unit Director Formulation How composite pigments improve coating opacity and ultimately result in improved sustainability Finland
SYENSQO (SOLVAY) MYLVAGANAM SINTHUYA R&I Architectural Coatings Technical Specialist Formulation Sustainable coatings solutions that make the difference France
WACKER CHEMIE AG CHEIKH CHRISTOPHE Dr Formulation New functional silicone additive for architectural coatings Germany
ARKEMA LOTTIER SIMON Technical Assistant Manager Measuring & Testing Understanding and improving the water resistance of waterborne binders France
DNV DONG QIAN Dr Measuring & Testing How to qualify coating products and achieve a green card to market? Norway
KU LEUVEN SEVENO DAVID Pr Measuring & Testing Wettability, contact angle, and surface energy: Do’s and don’ts Belgium
LUKASIEWICZ RESEARCH NETWORK LANGER EWA Dr Measuring & Testing Changes in coating properties during aging tests depending on the type of pigment Poland
OPTISENSE GAUSSMANN FABIAN Dr Measuring & Testing Optimize quality, reduce costs and save resources through efficient testing processes Germany
ORONTEC GmbH & Co. KG DOESSEL KARL-F. Dr Measuring & Testing Thermographic method for evaluation of corrosion test panels Germany
ORONTEC GmbH & Co. KG STALMACH ULF Dr Measuring & Testing When additives go on a stroll – How to check for a stable formulation Germany
WARSAW INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY KRZOSA RADOSLAW Ph.D. Measuring & Testing Analysis of TiO2 breakage in a bead mill–modelling and experiments Poland
LEIBNIZ INSTITUTE OF POLYMERS MUENCH ALEXANDER Dr Smart coatings Application of multi-functional poly(phosphorylcholine) coatings Germany
NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY UZOH CHIGOZIE Pr Smart coatings Fire-retardant acrylic coating by silica -coated limestone (SCL) microencapsulation Nigeria
UTRECHT UNIVERSITY DE GRAAF MIRJAM Ph.D. Smart coatings Zeolite-supported TiO2 for acetone photo-oxidation: Kinetic insights Netherlands
CELANESE KRIEGER STEPHAN Dr Sustainability Sustainable emulsions as binder for paints and coatings Germany
DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY COLLINSON JOHN Dr Sustainability Sustainable solution for acrylic emulsions in ERC and ETICS Belgium
MATERIA NOVA POELMAN MIREILLE Dr Sustainability Safe and sustainable by design replacement of PFAS in water and oil-repellent glass-like hybrid coatings Belgium
TOTALENERGIES FLUIDS BAUER THORSTEN Market Manager Sustainability Sustainable hydrocarbon solvents: Bio-sourced solutions and a carbon neutral offer France
UNIVERSITE CLAUDE BERNARD LYON 1 LEMAIRE MARC Pr Sustainability CNSL Oxyacetic acid, a new binder for the formulation of waterborne paints France
BORCHERS HELKER DIETMAR Technical Service Manager Wood as a substrate No need to sacrifice performance when formulating sustainable wood coatings with high-performance catalysts Germany
FCBA Bordeaux PODGORSKI LAURENCE Dr Wood as a substrate How to assess the cracking risk of coatings? France
IVM CHEMICALS VITALE MARCELLO Dr Wood as a substrate More sustainable WB binders and coatings from LIFE-WB BioPaint Italy
BYK CHEMIE WEISS SEBASTIAN Dr POSTER Novel amphiphilic block copolymers as dispersing additives Germany
UMONS MALEKKHOUYAN ROYA POSTER Corrosion protection of Mg alloy by LDH coating and anionic surfactant Belgium
LEITAT CABRER PALOMES AINA Researcher POSTER Thermal curing versus machine learning infrared curing system for powder paint industrial coatings Spain
LECHLER SpA ORTELLI MARZIA Ph.D. Student POSTER Synthesis of bio-inspired high solid hydroxylated acrylic castor oilmodified Italy
LEITAT PALMER JAVIER Dr POSTER Coatings with embedded microchannels for efficient cooling in electric cells Spain
UNIVERSITY OF PARDUBICE FOLTYN TOMAS Student POSTER Catalytic activity of vanadium-based drier in air-drying paints Czech Republic
LUKASIEWICZ RESEARCH NETWORK KAMINSKA-BACH GRAZYNA POSTER Water-based zinc primers – The dependence of properties on the type of zinc pigment Poland
LUKASIEWICZ RESEARCH NETWORK JURCZYK SEBASTIAN Dr POSTER Formulation and characterization of bioactive camouflage paints Poland
LUKASIEWICZ RESEARCH NETWORK ZUBIELEWICZ MALGORZATA Dr POSTER Formulation and characterization of bioactive camouflage paints Poland
TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH SKOPP AMELIE Dr POSTER Catalytic bio-hybrid coating-based degradation of haloalkanes in the gas phase Germany
IEPCO FOAD KAZEMI MADJ POSTER Coating maintenance of infrastructure Italy
MOMENTIVE KENSBOCK PHILIP Dr POSTER PFAS-free functional high performance coatings Germany
UNIVERSITY OF TOULON PERRIN FRANCOIS-XAVIER Pr POSTER The role of silica as a reinforcing agent in primer formulations for the adhesion of high consistency silicone rubber on metals France
INSTITUTE FOR COLOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY RANJBAR ZAHRA Pr POSTER Energy saving via paint and coatings: Advanced technologies and applications Iran
GROUPE BERKEM MESSAOUDI DAOUIA R&D Director POSTER Potential of plant polyphenolic extracts from Berkem Biosolutions® as in-can preservatives for paints and coatings France
UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN HAFILI FATEMEH POSTER Unveiling the synergistic corrosion protection mechanism of Zn-Organic complex pigments Iran
INSTITUTE FOR COLOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ALIYARI Donya POSTER Leveraging a novel mixed-metal organic framework to enhance the corrosion protection potency of polymer coating Iran
DEHGHANI Emad POSTER Electrospinning of double-layer Polyurethane / carboxymethyl chitosan sulfate mat